“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”

William Arthur Ward

Our Mission Statement

Time for Investment provides sound, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply information about investments and investing through education that addresses real-life situations. Our concept is based on the premise that it is always time to invest, whatever the stage in your life, whether for capital growth or for income, or a combination of both.

Investment is always a journey during which the personal objectives may change over time. With expert advice, the investor can make judicious, wise decisions. At Time for Investment, we introduce clients to high quality financial advisors in the market—all with proven track records as required for detailed financial planning. The personal service that you will receive is based on trust and expert knowledge. You will be introduced to services and solutions that are designed to enable you to build, preserve and manage wealth.

The Investment Journey

Thoughts come into my mind to progress and prosper my life, to express myself more fully and to provide freedom. I wish to develop my financial self-sufficiency to a level that protects me from financial stress, enables me to look after my health well into my senior years, and allows me to benefit and celebrate those who are dear to me.

My thoughts become my dream, driving passion and motivation.  My objective is to realize the potential inside of me and the desire to expand my life, respond to the challenges of my heart and become more for my family and loved ones.  To prosper and to be successful is my goal, and to promise myself that I will reach for the realization of the dream that is developing within my mind.

I have made the decision to become an investor and to honour my life and the lives of those who are dear to me.  By sowing my investment seeds, I am investing in myself and believing in the future.  With positive expectations, I now know the seeds will come back to me in a rich and bountiful harvest with a powerful rate of return.  Yes, my expectations are high as I make responsible decisions about my finances and I choose to invest.

As my first step, I take action.  I embark upon the journey for change and sow my first investment seeds into the fertile ground that my expert advisor has prepared for me.  I keep taking steps, ever-greater steps of concrete and deliberate action, working with my expert advisor towards the realization of my dream.

Keeping steadfast in my action plan, I followed the advice of my expert advisor.  All of those small acorns I planted with my action steps have now become mighty oak trees.  The seeds have produced an abundant harvest.  Yes, indeed, I celebrate that I can provide the benefits for my family.  I now have the time to enjoy all of life’s rich blessings, and I can take care of my health and life and the lives of those so dear to me.  During this profitable and enlightening investment journey, I have learned one key lesson: It is always Time for Investment.

If you would like to speak to a qualified Investment Advisor, please send an email to: David@TimeForInvestment.com