“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”

Mark Twain

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Investment Advice

For your investment advice, the priority must always be to appoint an adviser with whom you believe you can develop a relationship of trust and confidence. This is important both for you and for your adviser who will function best when knowing that you believe in him or her. If that trust and confidence is not present, you should have no hesitation in seeking out another adviser with whom you can relate and in whom you can vest that all-important trust and confidence.

The adviser will always know more than you know about investment management. Indeed, confidence in the knowledge of your adviser is the initial starting point for building the relationship. Beyond that though, it is crucial that you believe that your adviser can relate to your personal circumstances and have empathy with your situation.

For example, your investments need to be tailored to your age and marital status, your current disposable income, your objectives and ambitions, your need to look after dependents who may be your children or your elderly relatives, and your horizons for a happy retirement. Investment advice, then, is always custom-tailored and it is always useful to involve your spouse or significant other in the decision-making process. Knowing that you are on this investment journey together can often assist the bonding process in the relationship.

Investment advice must not be limited to advice on a one-off product. To be truly effective, you need to confide in your investment adviser the fuller picture of your financial affairs. The investment advice can then be given in context, thereby opening up for advice opportunities about which at the outset you may not have been aware. Usually, the investment adviser will have a detailed questionnaire to complete. This tends to be a checklist, yes, but it is much more because it provides the opportunity to share with your trusted adviser the wider context of your investment requirements. The advisor is then better equipped to advise you.

At Time for Investment, we introduce you to high quality and client-oriented wealth managers and advisers who care for your financial well-being and take the time to understand your requirements. They all have a proven and impressive track record. So, please do register with us and we will introduce you to an adviser who will guide you and enable you to move forward with your investment journey.

What People Are Saying About David Craddock & His Team

“Many thanks for facilitating what was both a pleasant, informative and hopefully productive few hours at your offices… the warmth of the welcome from your team, both professional and support staff, was fully in keeping with your stated ethos of caring for your clients and providing service.”

“David Craddock’s team has been looking after our charity funds for approaching two years. The initial and ongoing advice has always been well-reasoned and based on our specific ethical considerations which is of great comfort to us. They have always delivered a very personal and caring service and proactively seek to keep us fully informed, particularly exemplified by immediate discussion regarding the Brexit vote when they made contact that morning. They also respond immediately to any requests we make. We would be happy to recommend their services to other charities.”