“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome To Time For Investment

Hello, I’m David Craddock and I wanted to personally welcome you to my website, TimeForInvestment.com.  I know your
time is valuable and I appreciate your visit here today.

So what is Time For Investment?  And what can you learn from this website?

First of all, one of the goals of Time for Investment is to provide you with educational tools to help you understand the ABC’s of investing wisely and how to grow your wealth successfully.  You have meaningful goals. Through the introduction that we give you to high quality and proven advisors, Time for Investment can help you reach them.  For years, these advisors have worked with individuals, families, businesses, corporations and institutions — to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth.

At Time for Investment, we select for you the wealth management company  to best meet your wealth-building needs.  We partner with only the highest quality wealth management companies in the UK, Europe and America and these are companies that consistently experience positive feedback from their clients. These wealth management companies have provided over decades discretionary, advisory and   execution-only investment management services for private investors, family trusts, charities and financial institutions and would be pleased to work with you in relation to your specific needs.

At Time for Investment our policy is to introduce you to qualified advisers who will build strong professional relationships with you which stand the test of time. The adviser we introduce will offer a personal, custom-tailored service for you.

We know that our clients are looking for traditional standards of personal service.  In these days of account numbers, automated telephone systems and call centers, people find the trusted professional relationship very refreshing. Our aim is, therefore, to introduce you to trusted and successful private client wealth managers who operate with the recognised core values of providing a trusted service based on knowledge and expertise.

As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of your finances, which requires thoughtful consideration and a coordinated strategy to help you achieve your goals.  In working with affluent individuals and families and businesses, as well many first-time investors, our clients benefit from the perspective and guidance of experienced professionals who help anticipate opportunities and navigate the many dimensions of wealth management planning with… Financial Planning; Family Education and Governance; Tax, Trust and Wealth Transfer Strategies; Philanthropy; Business- Owner Services; and more — always with a goal of building your wealth and security, and also giving you peace of mind that you are in the best hands.

— What are the principles that will enable me to develop wealth?

 My credit card debt is overwhelming to me.  Any tips on how to pay off my cards and strengthen my credit score? 

— How can I teach my children to be financially responsible and savvy?

What is the best age to start investing my money?

What are the important factors when deciding on where to invest?

What if I don’t have much knowledge on investing?  Do you provide any seminars to help me?

I never did any investing for my retirement and now I’m in my late 50s.  Is there hope for me?

Can you give me financial guidance on the best investments for my clients and their businesses and how you can invest my clients’ funds?

— Are you able to help with an employee share scheme for my company?

— Are you able to help me with my company exit and introducing new management through a management buyout?

In addition to these different short talks, you’ll also find information on my latest book, Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes, biographical information on my background and work, some testimonials from investors who have benefitted from our guidance and management, and, as well, a page of inspiring quotes.  Throughout my life, I have been motivated and encouraged by uplifting quotes that help empower me and I thought you might enjoy reading some of my personal favorite quotes.

If you would like to speak to a qualified Investment Advisor, please send an email to: David@TimeForInvestment.com


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